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Each Industry is in the Midst of a Radical Transformation.

We combine the right people, tools, and data to help enterprises become future-ready.


With Acer Innovation, enterprises can address strategic challenges, explore new business models, and achieve operational excellence.


Healthcare providers recognize that they need to utilize modern techniques of advanced analytics if they want to deliver a higher standard of health care at a lower cost.

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Rising customer expectations coupled with evolving markets have compelled healthcare payers to make use of data and analytics to optimize health plans, build solid relationships with members, and control costs.

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Financial Institutions are making use of factual and reliable insights to strengthen their capabilities for adapting to market changes, minimizing risk, and developing profitable customer relationships.

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From exploration to drilling, production, and supply, the energy firms have embraced analytics across all functions to counter the risks & costs existent in the industry and achieve operational efficiency.

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Consumer Products

Consumer product companies are constantly aggregating and analyzing data to understand the dynamics of demand & supply, buying trends, and consumer behavior.

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Public Sector

Public Sector firms are focusing their energies on exploiting huge quantities of data so that they can accelerate innovation and provide cost-effective services to the society.

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Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are capitalizing on the data at their disposal for expediting drug discovery, ensuring safety of clinical trials, and identifying adverse events at an early stage.

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High Tech

High Tech manufacturers have been relying on data mining and analytic technologies to combat the industry bottlenecks, minimize production disruptions, and render enhanced product performance.

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CSPs are aggressively making use of predictive analytics to bring about an efficient supply chain, highly optimized network, and delightful customer experience.

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