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Meaningful Analyses for Quality-Driven Strategies

High Tech

Excel in Quality Everywhere

High-tech manufacturers are always on the lookout for innovative and game-changing ways of making the manufacturing process more efficient and seamless. They realize that it is essential to make the best use of the finite resources, avoiding wasteful overproduction as much as possible. Not only that, they also need to address a plethora of other challenges, such as, downtime, inventory management, high cost of operations, meeting on demand delivery schedules, optimal sourcing of raw materials, maintaining the quality of the product, and rendering high customer satisfaction. With the application of predictive analytics technologies, these organizations can identify defects in each department and simultaneously detect warning signs of potential issues.

Acer Innovation leverages machine learning algorithms and other data mining tools to extract the critical insights that enable the manufacturer to undertake decisions for enhancing quality across people, processes, and products. Our rich expertise and domain knowledge allows us to pull together the data from multiple sources into a single dataset, and quickly analyze it to spot the potential defects, before they escalate into a major system problem. Our comprehensive services ensure that manufacturing firms maintain their edge, whilst driving global service standards and enhancing their top & bottom lines.

• Insight on Quality & Performance Issues

• Predictive Maintenance

• Operational Efficiency

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