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Acer Innovation For Healthcare Providers

Advanced Analytics for Furthering Population Health Management

Healthcare Providers

Make Medicine Precise

Considering the rising health care costs, vast patient population, and growing challenges, data analysis has become a prerequisite for healthcare providers. The industry is looking to clinical data analyses as solutions for triggering system-wide quality improvement, delivering better value for patients, reducing costs, enhancing quality of care, and of course, saving lives.

However, healthcare analytics can be daunting, confusing, and overwhelming, given the complex and extensive nature of the data troves. From electronic health records to claim transactions, the amount of clinical data abounds.

At Acer Innovation, we leverage our skills of machine learning and computer science to extract trusted and evidence-based analyses from multifarious data sets. Leveraging deep knowledge and analytical capabilities, our cross-sector teams strive to uncover actionable insights about patient management, clinical pathways, and public health. These, in turn, enable healthcare organizations to optimize their resources in a manner that would drive better efficiency, increase patient safety, decrease hospital readmissions, and reduce the risk of patient populations.

Check out our use cases, clients and collaborators or drop us a note at info@acerinnovation.com to determine how we can help you.

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• Better Clinical Performance

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• Population Health Management

• Reduction in Readmissions

• Improved Health Outcomes

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